Powerology Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Camera 1080P Full HD 355° Horizontal and 155° Vertical Movement with Embedded Mic & Speaker, Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio Talk ( CCTV )

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Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Camera 360 ( Horizontal and Vertical Movement )

  •  Motion detection sensor picks up on movements nearby and alerts you through the App. Two-way talk allows for seamless interactions. Embedded mic and speaker enables real time conversation.


  •  Resolution: 1920 x 1080 / 15fps
  •  Wi-Fi: 802.11g: 10.95dBm, 802.11b: 10.74dBm, 802.11nHT40: 11.58dBm, 802.11nHT20: 11.07dBm
  •  Frequency: 2.4G
  •  Night vision: Up to 10m
  •  Memory: Micro SD up to 128GB (not included)
  •  Power rating: 5V/1A



  •  1080P Full HD
  •  Motion sensor
  •  Two-Way Talk
  •  Night vision
  •  355° Horizontal
  • 155° Vertical Movement






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Powerology Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Camera comes with 355° Horizontal and 155° Vertical Movement. Its resolution is 1080 Full HD with Embedded Mic & Speaker. You can always be aware of what is going to happen around your house or the place that you put the camera on, All because of the motion detection Sensor. Talk with anyone by the two-way talk opportunity. Just relax and let the camera makes your surroundings safe for you. 

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Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Camera 360

Powerology Wi-Fi smart outdoor camera allows you to keep an eye on the surrounding area of your house wisely. The intelligent motion detection sensors work well and detect the motions accurately. Powerology smart outdoor camera is equipped with a two-way talk feature that lets you communicate effectively with anyone who passes your camera utilizing the built-in two-way audio feature. This camera captures the videos in the resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, making it easy to see the clear views on the screen. You can control the camera utilizing its dedicated application, compatible with both iOS and Android. The zoom feature will help you to watch and monitor the closed view of the footage.

Powerology has presented excellent night visibility on this camera. So, you can view and watch surroundings clearly and identify unusual movements there up to 10 meters. You can save the recording in the camera itself utilizing its 128 GB Micro SD card support.

The Powerology camera will support cloud services to keep the footage and to monitor later. Further, you can connect this device to any of the WiFi networks and use it uninterruptedly; besides this, the camera has IP65 waterproof feature. Powerology smart wi-fi outdoor camera can record the footage through 355-degree horizontal movement and 155-degree vertical movement.

Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Camera 360
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Product Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Camera 360

Brand Powerology

Model PSOWC360WH




Night VisionYes, Up to 10 meters

Motion SensorYes

MemoryMicro SD Support up to 128 GB, Cloud is also available

PlugUK 3 PIN

Camera Angle Movement 355° Horizontal and 155° Vertical

Product Dimension175*110*150mm


Two-way Talk
Two-way Talk

Unlike traditional cameras, two-way talk is an excellent feature to speak and listen directly through the Powerology home camera. Real-time two-way audio works well with built-in microphones and speakers and effective Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, the two-way talk feature will allow you to monitor your pets and communicate with your loved ones when they come to you, and you are away from your home while protecting your home and property. You can control the camera functions using the dedicated application which can be downloaded from both, iOS app store and Android paly store.

Excellent Night vision
Excellent Night vision

Powerology home cameras are equipped with perfect night vision, which will help to monitor the footage in low-lit or dark night environments without compromising the quality of the views. Night vision is one of the best features to protect you from the crimes like theft and vandalism mostly occur in the darkness of night. Powerology camera will record the footage clearly up to 10 meters in the night, so you will feel as protected from the unknown and unexpected difficulties for you and your property. The camera will capture the footages clearly up to the resolution of 1920*1080 pixels.

Intelligent Motion Sensors
Intelligent Motion Sensors

Powerology home camera comes with in-built motion sensors which detect movements and record the videos accordingly. Using this intelligent feature, you can configure the camera to record the footages only when the movements are there. It is helpful to avoid hours of unneeded, unusable videos without any activities of any objects, which is typically consumes a large amount of storage. And it’s also helpful to reduce the time for reviewing the recordings with blank recordings. In addition, the motion detector will help the camera to reduce its energy consumption. This is because the footage is recorded only when there is movement, and the camera will keep silent for the rest of the time.

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