About RunBazaar

About us

Welcome to www.runbazaar.com. The e-commerce platform is owned and operated by ASIA LINK INTERNET CONTENT PROVIDERS EST. in the United Arab Emirates under the trade license number 1069914. 

The e-commerce platform is eager to bring together the best-suited products to meet your interests and lifestyle. With over 20,000 electronic goods and accessories listed on the website, we can confidently state that our website matches every consumer’s electronic requirement. Since the website intends to provide endless variations in the products as well as formidable and competitive prices this platform can bring major significance to your thoughtful purchase. 

We are striving to be well on our way to becoming the popular destination of choice for conscious consumers in the UAE by providing a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience.  Our platform is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, enabling users to find quickly and easily what they're looking for. We believe that online shopping should be simple, accessible, and sustainable. To ensure our customers are satisfied with what they buy from us, we source products from companies that value quality over quantity. 

To attain further customer satisfaction and reliance, we provide free delivery to all UAE which also aids our sellers to broaden their marketplace. Additionally, RunBazaar introduces a “Late Night Delivery” option to allow you as a user to reach out to your desired products at all times.

Easy Shopping

With the goal of making online shopping accessible to everyone, we are striving to make our platform easy to use by anyone, regardless of their age, technical skill or location. Users can navigate the categories and find the products they wish quickly on RunBazaar. In addition, we offer a wide range of products from international brands at competitive price points, so everyone can find something that fits their needs. 


The commitment to sustainability is another area where RunBazaar stands out. As e-commerce's impact on the environment becomes increasingly apparent, we believe selecting a platform that prioritizes sustainability is more important than ever. As a company, we are constantly seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste, from product sourcing to packaging and shipping.

Fast & Secure

Get what you need, when you need it with fast and secure delivery, even during late nights. Trust us to bring your essentials right to your doorstep, no matter what time it is. With real-time tracking and advanced technology, you can have peace of mind knowing your delivery is in good hands. Don't let the clock hold you back, let us take care of the rest.

With our focus on simplicity, sustainability, and speed, RunBazaar is poised to change the way we shop online. Join us for an exciting shopping experience! Whether you're in the market for a new smart device, a video doorbell, a robotic vacuum, or just want to meet people like yours, RunBazaar is for you!