Green 3D PET HD Glass Screen Protector iPhone 14 Compatibility - Clear

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Brand: Green Lion

Model: GN3DPHD14

EAN: 6935100164137

Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone 14

Material : 3D PET HD Glass Screen

Manufacturing : Accurate Cutouts

Special Features : Scratch Protection

About this item

  • Anti Finger & Anti Scratch
  • Durable
  • Easy Install
  • Grease Resistance


Green Lion specializes in providing the best degree of safety for your smartphones.

The Green Lion screen protector is compatible with 6.1-inch screens such as iPhone 14.

Its unique 3D PET HD glass screen design provides ultimate protection from scratches and scrapes while also providing an invisible layer of privacy.

Even though the screen protector is ultra-thin, it has the ability to safeguard your screen and help against scratches or other accidents.  

It can be installed onto your phone without any difficulty as well as the screen protector does not allow the accumulation of bubbles beneath the screen protector.