Viva Madrid VIVA-IP65FC-TJDBLU iPhone Xs Max Case - Blue

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Viva Madrid VIVA-IP65FC-TJDBLU iPhone Xs Max Case Tejido Folio iPhone Xs Max Case Compatible for iPhone X. In this case there are Dual Card Slots, each of which is on the outside and inside. You can store your money or cards in the inner slot


  • Tejido comes in the form of a Book Case.
  • Elevated protection for your back camera against dirt and scratches.
  • The card slot on the back also makes it easy for you to make cashless payment transactions.
  • This case is covered by leather that is woven with as much detail as possible so that it can add a premium feel to your iPhone.
  • Taking inspiration from the classics, this modern statement piece steals the spotlight with its luxe woven texture and regal design.
  • Wrap your phone in understated designer luxury. Weaving intricately detailed design into premium leatherette material, you get a minimalist case that epitomizes class.
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Very easy to use ,any layman can also operate this app so easily.

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Service is good. Delivery has reached to remote areas as well.

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So far Great experience, all services are exceptional. Although there is always room for improvement.

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It is the best app I ever used.

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