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LePresso Smart Cordless Electric Kettle with LED Display - Black

Color: Black


Product features

  • Control UnitStrix (UK)
  • Rated Power1850 - 2200W
  • Water Capacity1.7 Liters
  • Mobile ApplicationTUYA

More about this item

  • Stainless steel container
  • Cordless design
  • Smart Control
  • Touch Control
AED 349.00


1 Year Warranty

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LePresso has introduced a renowned design of a smart cordless electric kettle which is well known for its LED display and other standout functionalities. The LePresso smart electric kettle is a beneficial addition to your kitchen for multiple reasons. Firstly, the smart kettle comes with as a cordless design such that you can place it anywhere without the need of any plug outlet. Secondly, the LED display gives it a unique look by showcasing the temperature as well as with the touch sensors you can set the desired temperature. Thirdly,

using the mobile application “TUYA” you can easily schedule the boiling time and set the temperature. Finally, the premium material used for this smart kettle is designed to last long in your household. 

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    Jan 28th 23

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    Mar 28th 24

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    1.520 kg





Control UnitStrix (UK)

Rated Power1850 - 2200W

Water Capacity1.7 Liters

Mobile ApplicationTUYA

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Elevate Your Tea and Coffee Experience

Introducing the LePresso Smart Cordless Electric Kettle, a remarkable addition to your kitchen that seamlessly combines form and function. Renowned for its LED display and standout features, this smart kettle is designed to elevate your tea and coffee rituals to new heights.

Elevate Your Tea and Coffee Experience
Cordless Convenience

Cordless Convenience

With a cordless design, the LePresso Smart Electric Kettle offers unparalleled flexibility. Place it anywhere in your kitchen without the constraints of plug outlets, making it a versatile and practical addition to your daily routine.

Smart Control, Smart Life

Smart Control, Smart Life

Harness the power of the "TUYA" mobile application to unlock the full potential of your smart kettle. Schedule boiling times and precisely set the temperature from your smartphone. It's the epitome of convenience and customization, putting you in control of your hot beverages.

LED Display Brilliance

LED Display Brilliance

The LED display not only adds a touch of modern sophistication but also provides a visual delight by showcasing the temperature. Touch sensors allow you to set your desired temperature effortlessly, ensuring your beverages are brewed to perfection.


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