LePresso 750W 750ml 6 Cup Drip Coffee Machine - Black

Color: Black


Product features

  • Carafe Capacity750ml
  • Bean Box Capacity90g
  • Grinder FeatureFlat Burr
  • Special FeatureAdjustable Strength and Size

More about this item

  • 0.75 Liter Water Tank Capacity
  • Always Warm
  • Convenient Quality Brew
  • Adjust Strength/Size
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Experience the art of impeccable brewing with the "LePresso 750W 6 Cup Drip Coffee Machine". Perfect for every coffee enthusiast, this machine features a 0.75-litre water tank, designed to serve up to 6 cups or 750ml of your favorite brew. Accommodating 90g of beans in its bean box, every cup promises a fresh and aromatic experience. Operating at a voltage of 220-240V~50-60Hz, it's tailored for optimal efficiency. The quality brew feature ensures consistency, while the option to adjust strength and size offers a personalized touch to every cup. With its flat burr grinder, beans are ground to perfection, preserving their rich flavor. Moreover, the 'Always Warm' feature ensures your coffee remains at the ideal temperature, making every sip a comforting delight. Dive into a world where taste meets precision with LePresso.

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    Sep 5th 23

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Carafe Capacity750ml

Bean Box Capacity90g

Grinder FeatureFlat Burr

Special FeatureAdjustable Strength and Size

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Introducing the LePresso Bean Grinder Coffee Brewing Machine, an ingenious all-in-one home coffee maker that seamlessly combines an adjustable bean grinder with a precision brewing machine. This programmable grind and brew coffee marvel, boasting a compact design and ample capacity, is the ideal kitchen companion for all your home coffee-making needs. In this comprehensive overview, we'll delve into the key features, performance, and usability of the LePresso Bean Grinder Coffee Brewing Machine to help you make an informed choice.

Compact and Convenient

The LePresso Bean Grinder Coffee Brewing Machine perfectly balances compactness and functionality. With a weight of just 3 kilograms and dimensions of 39 centimeters in height, 16 centimeters in width, and 27 centimeters in length, it effortlessly finds its place in any kitchen or office setting. Despite its space-saving size, this machine boasts a 90g bean box and a 750ml water tank, ensuring you can enjoy up to 6 cups of freshly brewed coffee without sacrificing convenience.

Compact and Convenient
Effortless Coffee Brewing Process

Effortless Coffee Brewing Process

Brewing your favorite coffee is a breeze with the Flat Burr Coffee Grinder. Here's how it works:

  • Fill the Coffee Bean Box: Begin by filling the coffee bean box with your preferred coffee beans.

  • Add Cold Water: Fill the water tank with cold water to the desired level.

  • Adjust Settings: Rotate the control knob to adjust the coffee strength and the amount you want to brew.

  • Start Brewing: Push down the control knob to start the brewing process.

The machine springs into action, with the first 3 seconds dedicated to the grinding process. Following this, the brewing process begins, ensuring your coffee is perfectly prepared. Once the brewing process is complete, a series of 3 buzzes will notify you that your coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

Versatility with Ground Coffee

Versatility with Ground Coffee

LePresso Drip Coffee Machine isn't limited to whole coffee beans; it can also brew coffee using ground coffee. Here's how:

  • Prepare Ground Coffee: Pour your ground coffee into the coffee filter.

  • Insert Filter: Place the coffee filter into the machine.

  • Activate Grind-Off Mode: To use ground coffee, activate the grind-off mode.

  • Start Brewing: Press the start button to initiate the brewing process.

This convenient feature ensures that you can enjoy your preferred coffee, whether it's from whole beans or ground coffee.

Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to keep your coffee grinder performing at its best and ensure a longer lifespan. Here's how to maintain your device for optimal performance:

  • Unplug the Device: Safety first! Always unplug the device before you begin the cleaning process.

  • Clean Detachable Parts: The detachable parts, such as the carafe, funnel, filter, and filter cover, are easy to clean. Wash them with warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and let them dry.

  • Wipe Inseparable Surfaces: Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away any coffee residue or stains for surfaces that can't be detached. This will keep your device looking as good as new.
Unlock Richer Coffee Flavors with Flat Burr Grinding

Unlock Richer Coffee Flavors with Flat Burr Grinding

The Flat Burr Coffee Grinder is your gateway to a more satisfying coffee experience. This device employs the flat Burr Grinding Technique, utilizing two parallel discs to achieve a uniform grind for your coffee beans. While one burr remains stationary, the other rotates, gently crushing the beans, ensuring an even grind.

Precision Grinding at Your Fingertips

Take control of your coffee's flavor by adjusting the grind size with the knob on top of the grinder. From fine to coarse, you have the flexibility to customize your grind, all while minimizing heat generation during grinding. This unique combination of flat burr grinding and adjustable grind size enhances the flavor, eliminating any unwanted bitterness.

Minimize Waste, Maximize Convenience

Our coffee machine is designed with convenience and sustainability in mind. Easily calibrate the quantity of beans needed for your brew using the front control knob. Rotate and adjust the coffee-dispensing amount with three modes, accommodating 2, 4, or 6 cups of coffee. Enjoy your coffee without waste.

Pro Tips for Perfect Coffee Flavor

  • Start with Cold Water: When brewing your coffee, always use cold water in the coffee maker when brewing your coffee flavorful brew.

  • Preserve Ground Coffee: For unused ground coffee, ensure it's tightly resealed and stored in a cool, dry place, like your refrigerator. Moisture can adversely affect the taste of your coffee, so keep it protected.

  • Grind Fresh Beans: For the ultimate coffee flavor, consider buying whole coffee beans and grinding them just before use. This ensures that the rich aromas and flavors are preserved until the very last moment.

  • Avoid Reheating or Reusing: Don't make the mistake of reheating or reusing coffee grounds. Coffee is at its peak flavor about 1 to 2 minutes after brewing. Reheating or reusing grounds can diminish the quality and taste of your brew.

  • Regular Machine Maintenance: To maintain the purity of your coffee's flavor, make it a habit to clean your coffee machine regularly. The extraction of black coffee grounds can result in an oily residue on the machine's surface. This is especially common when using heavily roasted coffees. Keep your machine clean for consistently great-tasting coffee.

These simple yet effective hints will elevate your coffee game and ensure each cup is a delightful experience. Enjoy your perfect brew!

Pro Tips for Perfect Coffee Flavor


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Recently got the LePresso 750W 6 Cup Drip Coffee Machine, and it's safe to say that my mornings have been revolutionized 😍😍😍...... The 750ml capacity is ideal for me, covering my morning caffeine needs and then some. It's perfect for households with multiple coffee drinkers. The drip mechanism ensures a smooth and flavorful cup every time. The flavor extraction is on point. It doesn’t hog too much space on my kitchen counter, which is always a plus. 👍👍 The removable parts make cleaning a breeze, ensuring fresh tasting coffee with every brew. If a quick, delicious brew is what you seek, this machine won’t let you down!🌟🌟

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