Green Lion Smart Pencil Pro for iPad - Black

Color: Black


Product features

  • Working Time12 Hours
  • Charger TypeMicro USB
  • Compatible withiOS and Android
  • MaterialAlu + POM

More about this item

  • Lightweight
  • 1.5 hours charging time
  • ON/OFF button
AED 119.00


1 Year Warranty
Selling by Nobona


The smart pencil pro, purpose-built for iPads, is a marvel of design and technology. Delivering a remarkable 12 hours of active usage, it supports continuous creativity and productivity. The inclusion of a magnetic charger simplifies the recharging process, adding to the user-friendly nature of this device. Distinctive features like palm rejection offer a natural, seamless drawing or writing experience, eliminating the risk of unwanted smudges or stray lines when your hand rests on the screen. Its tilt pressure sensitivity responds to minute shifts in pressure and inclination, enhancing the authenticity and precision of every stroke. The smart pencil pro isn't just a peripheral; it's an instrumental part of your creative toolkit, turning your iPad into a versatile canvas for your imagination, facilitating greater innovation and artistic expression.

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    May 26th 23

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    May 3rd 24

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BrandGreen Lion



Working Time12 Hours

Charger TypeMicro USB

Compatible withiOS and Android

MaterialAlu + POM


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I recently purchased the Green Lion Smart Pencil for my iPad, and I must say it's a game-changer!!!!👌 One of the main thing I noticed , The pinpoint accuracy of this pencil is unlike any I've used before. Whether I'm sketching, writing, or merely navigating my iPad, it's seamless and also It seems to last forever! I've only needed to charge it once since purchasing, even after hours of use.. if you're on the fence about which stylus to purchase for your iPad, the Green Lion Smart Pencil is definitely worth considering. It's transformed my digital artistry and productivity levels. Highly recommended! 👌🦁

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