Porodo Soundtec By Porodo Wireless Earbuds 3, Bluetooth 5, with Voice Assistant - Green

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Brand: Porodo

Model: PD-STWLEP007-GN

EAN: 7267547491248

Talk Time: 4 Hours

Wireless Charging Input: 5V / 0.4A

Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz

Special Features: Touch Controls, Siri Enabled

About this item

  • Optical Sensors
  • Touch Controls
  • Siri Voice Activated


Soundtec by Porodo connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth-equipped source device and is easy to use thanks to a simple on/off switch and volume controls.

With just one tap, you can accept, end, and reject calls with these touch-enabled earphones. The built-in touch functionality displays as a shortcut for user convenience. You may have a fluid and easy conversation using the third-generation Porodo wireless earphones.

With the music voice assistant, you can play or pause the music. You can talk with Porodo Wireless Earbuds for about two and a half hours. The charging Input for this earbud is 5v/1A and the wireless charging Input is 5A/0.4A.

Voice assistant is available to follow your orders

 As light as a feather! It feels weightless in the ears.