Porodo Blue 2 Pin Dual Port Wall Charger 2.4A

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Brand: Porodo

Model: PB-C12WEU-BK

EAN: 7834952679952

Output: 5V / 2.4A

Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz

Dimension: 14.1 cm x 18.5 cm x 5.8 cm

Weight: 210 g

About this item

  • Dual USB Wall Charger
  • Fast Charging Adapter & Connector
  • Protective safeguards
  • 2-Pin


Enjoy dual USB fast charging, enhance device charging, and be certain about the longevity of your gadgets owing to protective measures.

You can count on Porodo Dual USB Wall Charger to charge your phone in the fast-charging mood with the two USB ports on it which both are 2.4A.

It is compatible with a wide variety of mobile phones but not only mobile phones, in fact, but you can also charge your laptops or any other devices which can be charged by the USB port. You can use both USB ports spontaneously at the same time.

With this wall charger, you won’t be worried about anything including overvoltage, overheating, and overcharging.

Compatible with a 2-pin wall socket.