Belkin Boost Charge Pro Flex USB-A Cable with Lightning Connector - Blue

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Brand: Belkin

Model: CAA010bt3MBL

EAN: 0745883832446

Connector Type: USB-A to Lighting Connector

Cable Length: 3 Meters

Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone Devices

Special Features: 30x More Durable

About this item

  • Advanced Strength and Flexibility
  • Built to Last
  • Up to 30X More Durable
  • MFi-Certified


Braided silicone cables from Belkin Boost Charge Pro Flex increase the flexibility and endurance of your charge. They provide you with a long-lasting charging option that doesn't tear or tangle since they are up to 30X more durable than regular cables. includes a cable management system that uses magnets for increased convenience.

30X more durable than standard wires, up to. The twin braided nylon exterior of Boost Charge Pro Flex silicone cables provides you with a long-lasting charging solution that resists fraying and kinking.

With our improved cables, you get flexibility, tangle resistance, and a cable that doesn't kink inside of a double-braided exterior.

The cable strap with magnetic button and an adhesive metal plate that is supplied makes it simple to store and place in any setting.