Green Lion G-80 Plus Coffee Maker Set - Black

Color: Black


Product features

  • Black Coffee Kettle600ml
  • Paper Filter40 Pcs
  • Glass Cup2
  • Product TypeCoffee Maker

More about this item

  • Bean Grinder
  • Glass Hand Grinder
  • Ceramic Dripper
  • Ceramic Server
  • Travel Box
AED 299.00


1 Year Warranty
Selling by Nobona


Unlock the world of rich, aromatic coffee with the Green Lion G-80 Plus Coffee Maker Set. This comprehensive set is designed for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the perfect cup, combining functionality, style, and convenience. The Green Lion G-80 Plus offers a range of brewing options, allowing you to customize your coffee to perfection. From a bold espresso to a smooth drip brew, this coffee maker set caters to every coffee lover's preferences. Experience the freshest coffee grounds with the integrated grinder. The powerful grinder ensures a consistent grind size for optimal extraction, enhancing the flavor profile of your coffee. The Green Lion G-80 Plus boasts a modern and sleek design that adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

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    Dec 21st 23

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    Apr 6th 24

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BrandGreen Lion



Black Coffee Kettle600ml

Paper Filter40 Pcs

Glass Cup2

Product TypeCoffee Maker

A Coffee Lover's Oasis

For the true aficionado of the bean-to-cup journey, the Green Lion G-80 Plus Coffee Maker Set emerges as the ultimate choice. This meticulously curated set isn't merely a collection of coffee essentials; it's an immersive experience for those who savor every sip. Offering a symphony of brewing options, from the bold allure of espresso to the soothing notes of a drip brew, this set caters to the diverse preferences of coffee lovers. The integrated bean grinder ensures a fresh and consistent grind size, unlocking the full spectrum of flavors inherent in your coffee beans. With a sleek black coffee kettle as the centerpiece, complemented by a glass hand grinder, ceramic dripper, and ceramic server, this set seamlessly combines style with substance. A sophisticated addition to any kitchen, the Green Lion G-80 Plus Coffee Maker Set transforms the daily ritual of brewing coffee into a moment of artistry and indulgence, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer nuances of their favorite brews.

Unveiling the Future of Coffee Mastery

The Green Lion G-80 Plus Coffee Maker Set not only caters to the present desires of coffee aficionados but also opens a portal to the future of coffee mastery. With a built-in bean grinder, this set embraces the journey from whole beans to a cup of liquid art, ensuring freshness and flavor consistency with every grind. The inclusion of a glass hand grinder introduces an artisanal touch, allowing users to engage in a hands-on experience that connects them intimately with the brewing process.

The ceramic dripper and server elevate the set to a realm of precision and sophistication. Crafted from premium materials, these components contribute to the nuanced extraction of flavors, turning each brewing session into a ritual of precision and artistry. The travel box encapsulates the future-ready nature of this set, providing not just convenience but a promise of continuity – enabling coffee enthusiasts to embark on their coffee journey wherever they go. The Green Lion G-80 Plus Coffee Maker Set isn't just a product; it's a visionary companion for those seeking to embrace the evolving landscape of coffee craftsmanship.


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