Powerology Portable Power Generator 62500mAh 200W QC3.0 PD 30W/Solar Panel For Re-Charging The Generator, Universal Socket AC Outlet - Black

Battery Capacity

Color: Black

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1 Year Warranty
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  • Battery: Li-ion 18650 Cell, 225Wh.
  • Input: DC 15V/3A 45W, 11-24V
  • AC Output: 220V 50Hz, DC Output 1&2: 12V/5A 60W.
  • DC Car Port Output: 12V/10A 120W
  • USB-A QC Out: 5-9V 18W, USB-C PD In & Out: 5-20V 30W
  • USB-A Out 1 & 2: 5V/3.1A 15.5W
  • Solar Panel For Re-Charge The Generator
  • Universal Socket AC Outlet
  • Car Charger Port
  • 300 Watts Max Surge
  • LCD Information Panel
  • Charges 3 Laptop
  • Charges 6 Tablet
  • Charges 14 Mobile
  • Charges Mini Fridge 3+ Hours
  • Charges 8 Bluetooth Speaker





Battery Capacity62500mAh


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Powerology Portable Power Generator comes with 62500mAh and 200W quick charging. It Could be recharged by a solar panel. You can find USB-A, USB-C, Car-port, and universal socket AC outlets in this Power generator.

Powerology Portable Power Generator 62500mAh 200W

Powerology Portable Power Generator has 62500mAh Battery which battery is Li-ion 18650 Cell with 225Wh. With this huge capacity, you won’t be worried about charging your devices while you are out or even when you are home but there is no electricity. In fact, this power generator is a highly efficient choice for those who go to nature for camping, and they are nature friendly but also, they need electricity for their electronic devices to run them or charge them in an efficient time by quick charging. You can recharge this power generator by attaching a solar panel from its side which makes it amazing for being demandable, all you need is just Plug the solar panel and put it under the sunlight then it would be full of charge spontaneously by the solar power.

Powerology Portable Power Generator 62500mAh 200W

ProductPortable Power Generator




Power DeliveryQC3.0 PD 30W

InputDC 15V,2A 30W, 11-24V, AC Output: 220V 50Hz, DC

Max Surge300 Watts Max Surge


Quick ChargeUSB-C PD 30W

Universal AC Output220V 50Hz

BatteriesLi-ion 18650 Cell, 225Wh

Solar recharge CompatibilityYes

Information panelYes

Dimensions‎65 x 23 x 9 cm



Powerology Portable Power Generator 62500mAh 200W
Powerology Portable Power Generator 62500mAh 200W

As you can see there is LCD information panel in the center of the Powerology Portable Power Generator which let you know about the charge percentage, input, and output rate, and other important information is going to be shown in this LCD information panel, one of the greatest advantages about this LCD is you will always be conscious about the charge percentage of this power generator so you can manage it in case that you really need this product it would be full not about to die. The Powerology Portable Power Generator has been designed in high protection to be sure that nothing bad is going to happen to your devices such as overheat protection, and overload protection. You can find three USB-A in this product and one USB-C, carports, and one AC port. This portable power generator could be useful in details such as Charges 3 Laptop, Charges 6 Tablet, Charges 14 Mobile, Charges Mini Fridge 3+ Hours, Charges 8 Bluetooth Speaker.

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