Power Bank Samsung P5300XJEGWW Battery Pack 25w Fast Charging 20,000Mah - Black

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Brand: Samsung

Model: P5300XJEGWW

EAN: 8806090645617

Power Bank Samsung P5300XJEGWW Battery Pack 25w Fast Charging 20,000MahThis Samsung Power Bank Have Super Fast Charging for your fast-paced lifestyle - Black.


  • High quality, high capacity.
  • A highly efficient triple device charger.
  • Protect your battery against overcharge, short circuits, temperature, impact and so much more. This Samsung Battery Pack has many safety features to ensure your device and battery pack will support you quickly and safely.
  • The convenient way to stay charged. Samsung Battery Pack supports low current charging and is compatible with a wide range of third-party devices and Samsung devices, to give you plenty of freedom to charge when you need to.
  • Triple the advantage. Thanks to its Triple-port charging capability, the Samsung Battery Pack can power three devices simultaneously for added convenience and far less hassle.
  • Samsung's first 20,000mAh Battery Pack meets your high daily demand for power. The higher capacity gives you the confidence of knowing that you can recharge your devices multiple times when you have to.