RAVPower External Battery Pack 20100mAh Power Bank - Dual iSmart 2.0 Ports - Fast Charging Connector - Sleek Edges Portable Charger Powerbank with Fire-proof Protection - Silver

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  • Prestigious Production: Award-winning design and style meets raw capacity and power. For this exclusive power bank RAVPower collaborated with the renowned designed to put the most elegantly designed yet incredibly powerful product in your hands. Enjoy the highest level of technology without having to miss out on style.
  • World-Class Design from Germany: German engineering wrapped style, functionality, and comfort all up into one elegant mat silver power bank. Besides timeless style, the device will captivate you with a durable outer shell, high loading capacities, and fast charging times. All these attributes are put into a lightweight and bag-sized charger that feels nice and comfortable in your hands.
  • Fuel Your Devices with Horsepower: With the massive capacity provided by the 20100mAh battery pack(20100mAh is the total of the nominal rated capacity of the internal battery cells), the same power load can charge the iPhone 7 for 7 times, iPad mini for 3 times, and Samsung 7 for over 4.5 times.
  • Charging at Race-Speed: With the featured 2A input, halve the wait for your power charger to reload. The dual 2.0 iSmart output (ports (each up to 2.4A) can charge two devices simultaneously at an incredible speed. Its intelligent identification even detects your device and distributes voltage and current accordingly, allowing the charging process to become efficient as well as safe.
  • Sleek One-Cast Metal Concept: The outer shell is holistically manufactured in one seamless piece, which allows for extremely sleek edges and more resistance. The metal material ensures maximum safety, making the charger fire-proof and more durable.
  • DC 5V/2A or 5V/2.4A charger as well as the original USB cable are recommended to recharge the battery pack which takes about 10-12 hours.
  • RBI000000006525
  • Oct 28th 21




Battery Capacity20100mAh



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