Optix Clear Glass Screen Protector for iPad 10th Gen | Uniq

Color: Clear


Product features

  • Product TypeScreen Protector
  • CompatibilityiPad 10th Gen
  • Item Hardness9H
  • ColorClear

More about this item

  • Full Screen Coverage
  • Hd Optics Clarity Feature
  • DustRepel technology – dust-free installation
  • Oleophobic layer - does not leave fingerprints
AED 125.00


1 Year Warranty
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The UNIQ OPTIX Clear Glass Screen Protector for the iPad 10th Gen is designed to keep your screen safe and looking great. It protects against scratches, keeping your screen clear for longer. The curved edges cover the whole screen, guarding it against scratches and small knocks. Even if your iPad takes a tumble from up to 1.5 meters, this strong protector won't break, keeping your screen safe from harm. Installing it is easy and dust-free, thanks to DustRepel Technology. Plus, it stops fingerprints and smudges, so your screen stays clear for better viewing. You can use it with a protective case without any issues, and your touchscreen will still work just as well. In short, this screen protector is a reliable way to keep your iPad Mini's screen safe from scratches and bumps while keeping it clear and easy to use.

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    Feb 9th 24

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    Apr 9th 24

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Product TypeScreen Protector

CompatibilityiPad 10th Gen

Item Hardness9H


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