PAWA Smart Universal Pencil - White

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Brand: PAWA

Model: PWSP-WH

EAN: 6476971363484

Usage Time: Up To 12 Hours

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Pencil Tip: 1.5mm

Auto Power Off: 4 Minutes

About this item

  • iOS / Android / Windows
  • No Need for Bluetooth Connection
  • Easy To Handle


Drawing, taking notes, and annotating papers with a PAWA pencil should all be effortless, accurate, and magical. You can write, sketch, and create with even more accuracy thanks to the Pencil hover, which displays you precisely where your PAWA Pencil will land on your display.

With only 2 hours of charge you can use the PAWA pencil up to 12 hours making the pencil very convenient and functional.