Xiaomi Xiaomi Nextool Outdoor Multifunctional Slingshot Knife Bow 2 in 1 Camping Tool High Strength Rubber Band Outdoor Portable Knife

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Brand: Xiaomi

Model: 3122857

EAN: 6973907630097

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Special Features: Compact and Portable

Weight: 126g

Strap: High Strength Rubber Bands

About this item

  • Made of aluminium
  • Durable and rust-free
  • Small and portable


The 2-in-1 Nextool is simple and portable due to the automatic ejection at the touch of a button embedded in the handle.

The tool is made up of aluminum, which is known to be durable and rust-free.

It can be used at home, outdoors, hiking, and much more owing thanks to its multi-functional use.