Green Lion Mega Shredding Machine 15L, Shredding Ability 6 Pieces Of A4 Copy Paper, Shredding Effects 5x38mm, Fast Cross Cut Paper Shredder, Document & File Paper Cutting Machine

Color: Black

AED 249.00
inclusive of VAT


1 Year Warranty
Selling by Nobona


  • Mega Shredding Machine
  • Protecting The Confidentiality
  • Intelligent
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Appropriate Size
  • Shredding Effects 5x38mm
  • Bucket Volume 15L
  • Shredding Ability 6 Pieces Of A4 Copy Paper
  • Using Voltage 220V/50Hz


BrandGreen Lion




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Mega Shredding Machine

Green Lion Mega Shredding Machine is used to destroy papers. A paper shredder is a machine to cuts the paper either stripes or into small pieces. In the past few years, this machine was in the most of the government organizations. But nowadays everyone noticed about it which it could be useful for any kind of organization. in the past few years, it was known as a machine to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents. The Green lion shredding machine is one of the fastest one in its generations. 

Mega Shredding Machine

Product Mega Shredding Machine

Brand Green Lion


Shredding Effects5x38mm

Bucket Volume 15L

Shredding Ability6 Pieces Of A4 Copy Paper

Voltage 220V/50Hz

Fast and Secure Yes

Color Black

Mega Shredding Machine
Mega Shredding Machine

There is no need to be worried about your paper trashes, leave them to this machine. The bucket volume for this shredding machine is 15L, it is more than enough for you and you don’t need to empty it after every time that you used this. This machine has the ability to shred 6 pieces of A4 copy Paper, all 6 at the same time. Green Lion Mega Shredding Machine has 220V/50Hz using voltage. This machine has been crafted to be functional and gives you a good feeling while you are using it.

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Very cool and great offers on electronics. I really over excited and feeling amazed thanks runbazaar.

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