Green Lion Strong Waterproof Bag 6.7" Sensitive Touch, 30 meters IPX8 Excellent Waterproof, Camera Friendly, Waterproof Phone Bag Floating, Universal Dry Bag

Color: Black

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1 Year Warranty
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  • IPX8 Certified Waterproof: Keep your phone and other small necessaries safe and dry from waterproof/dustproof/dirtproof/snow proof, even is fully submerged into water up to 30m (98ft). Perfect protection to go to beach, pool, lake, river, and sea for swimming, rafting, snowing, diving, drifting, skiing, fishing, boating, skating, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, biking, camping, sailing, water park activities, and etc;
  • Touching friendly: Without removing waterproof phone case, the transparent soft pouch maintains full touch screen functionality, answer & call, check the messages & emails, browse, and take good quality pictures and videos, even underwater. Note: Please use the volume buttons to take clear pictures or videos underwater for better control;
  • Easy-to-use with swivel lock seal for full protection, easy to keep out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt


BrandGreen Lion





Created onAug 7th 21

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Strong Waterproof Bag

If you like to take photos or videos in the water but your phone is not waterproof definitely you will need this product. Green lion strong waterproof bag has been designed to be waterproof even until 30M depth into the water. It has wide compatibility and can store phones up to 6.7”, in another word it can support screens up to 6.7” sizes. The level of being waterproof for this product is IPX8, it Can be submerged deeper than 1 meter. The exact depth is specified by the manufacturer. The depth for this product is 30M. It will surprise you that it is sensitive to touch and you can work with your phone even under the water while it is inside the Green lion storing Waterproof Bag. 

Strong Waterproof Bag

Product Strong Waterproof Bag

Brand Green Lion


Compatibility 6.7"

Supported Depth 30m

Suitable For Sailing, Fishing, Swimming, Diving

Waterproof Level IPX8

Touch Sensitivity Yes

Camera Friendly Yes

Color Black

Strong Waterproof Bag
Strong Waterproof Bag

The premium material brings a sensitive touch experience. This product is camera-friendly and t will you to take pictures or record the video. It supports taking photos or videos with the window on the back side of the case. It is suitable for sailing, fishing, swimming, and diving. Nowadays we all know that technology has peaked in the last years and all the companies are trying to manufacture any products that can be functional for you in real-life, Green lion company has the policy to stay on its promises and offers you the best accessories. This is one of the reasons that you can rely on this storing waterproof Bag. 

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