PITAKA MagEZ Case 2 for iPhone 14 Pro Max - Black/Gray Twill

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Brand: Pitaka

Model: KI1401PMA

EAN: 6321116748100

MagSafe Compatibility: Yes

Charging Standards: Qi

Texture: Non-Slip

Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone 14 Pro Max


  • MagSafe Compatibility.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7") Compatibility.
  • Charges Through Case using Qi Standards.
  • Non-Slip Texture for Better Grip.
  • Easy Accessibility to all Buttons.


In order to protect and safeguard your iPhone, PITAKA has designed a fusion weaving case with MagSafe compatibility to compliment your iPhone 14. 

The PITAKA case is solely designed to ensure MagSafe compatibility to charge your iPhone14 in a secure and convenient way without the need to remove the case. 

The MagEZ Case intends to offer a thinner yet better case by using aerospace-grade aramid fiber which is 5 times stronger than steel but 5 times lighter. 

The case is well versed in its comfort such that due to the unique vacuum forming process and 3D grip technology, it indeed creates a non-slip texture to opt for better grip and extra comfort. In other words, the minimalist style brings in a craft work of a sleek and clean design.