Porodo Lifestyle Nylon Fabric Leather Anti-Theft Storage Bag 8.2" with USB Flash Drive Holder, IPX3 Splash Resistant, USB-A Charging Compatibility,

Color: Blue

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  • Smart technology-enabled backpack that combines good looks with innovative features essential for today's traveler.
  • The exteriors are well suited for all age groups while the interiors with have been designed keeping in mind, the usage requirements of the connected traveler. Addressing safety concerns.






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Anti-Theft Bag

Porodo anti-theft bag protects your valuables like a laptop, iPad, camera, passport, wallet, and so on. The anti-theft bag is one that includes a group of safety features for the user. This bag has a Lock switch which means that you can set a specific lock for this bag and put your valuable stuff on this without worrying that just in case someone might access them. In another word, we can say that it's designed to help you avoid becoming a victim of theft at home or abroad. 

Anti-Theft Bag
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Product Nylon Fabric Leather Anti-Theft Storage Bag

BrandPorodo (Lifestyle)


Material 85% Polyester, 15 % Cotton

Water Resistant IPX3, (Can take water sprays of up to 60°)

USB Charging OutletYes

USB Type USB-A (2A)

Size 8.2"

Anti-theft Yes

Color Blue, Blue Camo, Black Camo, Light Green Camo, Dark Green Green, Gray, Black

USB Outlet
USB Outlet

This bag has USB-A Outlet. This opportunity let you have power anywhere that you want, with the help of you’re a power bank. The USB port is just a long extension cable. The cable from within the inside of the backpack is plugged into a power bank. Then you grab an electronic device and extra charging cable which hooks up from the outside. The Ampere for these outlets is 2A. 

High-quality Material

This travel-friendly bag is Water resistant which means that it is IPX3, in other words, it Can take water sprays of up to 60°. So, it will give you a chance that if the weather is about to be rainy, You won’t be worried about your bag if you planned to go outside for any reason.  The material of this bag is 85% Polyester and 15 % Cotton, it’s material is a fact of its durability. 

High-quality Material


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