Baseus CRJHQ-A01 Original Ecological Car Charcoal Air Purifier - Black

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Brand: Baseus

Model: CRJHQ-A01

EAN: 6953156216525

Baseus CRJHQ-A01 Original Ecological Car Charcoal Air Purifier. Natural activated carbon effectively decomposes formaldehyde and car odor, purifies efficiently, and protects the health of your family.


  • The appearance is simple with a sense of design, just like an inherent device in the car, without affecting the interior beauty and space.
  • Crystalline carbon balls and thousands of absorbed holes fast capture and decompose harmful gas and purify the air by transforming it into negative oxygen ions.
  • Bask the carbon bag in the sun in every other 1 to 3 months for 2 to 3 years of reuse.
  • Speed up air circulation and purification, and quickly remove the odor.
  • Strong magnetic cover, firmly adsorbed; gently put to lock the charcoal parcel.
  • Remove the carbon bag and become a storage box for tissues and change.