Samsung Wireless Charger Duo w/ LED Dim Light Charging Status Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Phone, Watch, Case-friendly 3mm, Fast Wireless Charging Pad 7.5W Qi Enabled - White

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Brand: Samsung

Model: P4300TBE

EAN: 8806090959141

  • Power up and go: Charge your wireless devices fast and easily with the Samsung Wireless Duo Charger

  • Samsung and iPhone fast charger: Supports 7.5 W fast charging for compatible Samsung and Apple devices

  • Qi wireless charger pad: Up to 5 W wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices and accessories

  • Device down, power up: Charge your device without being tied down, simply place it on the Wireless Charger Pad and the auto LED will let you know when it’s powered up

  • With two distinct charging zones, you can easily charge two devices at one, your phone, your Galaxy Smart Watch or your Galaxy buds