AMG Transparent Case Airpods 3 - Green

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Brand: AMG

Model: AMA32USON

EAN: 3666339069490

Airpods Compatibility: Airpods 3

Case Material: Transparent

Design: AMG Printout

Special Features: Protection Against Damage & Scratch

About this item

  • Easy Hook
  • Accurate Cutouts


AMG is well known for its stunning designs and flawless craftsmanship, always providing the best for its customers. As a result, the case's main sources of inspiration were both the interior and exterior of AMG vehicles.

The transparent case gives your Airpods a sporty and classy appearance all thanks to the AMG craftsmanship.

The primary purpose of the case is to protect your AirPods from scratches and drops using newly recommended solutions like a lifted ring case and bumper & fall protection.

The clean cuts make all ports and buttons completely accessible.