Powerology 8K HDMI Braided Cable 3M - Dark Blue

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Brand: Powerology


EAN: 6083749666892

Compatible Devices: TV, Laptop, Entertainment Systems ..


Special Features: Quick Charge in Frame Rates & Resolution

Cable Length: 3 Meters

About this item

  • HDMI 8K
  • 3 Meters Cable


Powerology is an innovative smart accessory brand that offers trending designs, high-quality products, and the latest technology.

Our HDMI cable ensures that a movie is presented with all of its fine features, including superb brightness, contrast, and other parameters. The installation of this will take place scene-by-scene, if not frame-by-frame.

On devices that offer technologies for variable refresh rates, this feature enables a smooth and seamless dynamic refresh rate.

When transitioning between 60 frames per second and 24 frames per second video, the resolution or frame rate is changed quickly without any display blackout.

As we are all aware, HDMI is compatible with practically all smart devices. HDMI is used by gadgets like TVs or home entertainment systems, laptops, computer displays, and HD TVs.

The 3 meters cable length opts for freedom of space to offer the highest level of convenience.